California or Bust…what does that phrase mean anyway!?!


(Candid shot during my photoshoot with Karin…I lost my pose sorry Tyra!)

I am heading to LA in 2 weeks and I am trying to fit as many tasks as possible into my one week stay but I know I can do it ..right? Any of my west coast people looking to collab during that week just email me. I am down to write, demo, record, perform…any and all of the above. I will blog about my everyday adventures as Kelly, Jackie and I set off on a crazy Hollywood “field trip”. to E’s house. Until then – ciao!


One thought on “California or Bust…what does that phrase mean anyway!?!”

  1. “bust” comes from black jack (going over 21) but it’s a pretty common gambling term. In the 30’s when dust destroyed farms farmers hitch hiked west with “california or bust” signs, literally betting their lives on getting to california to pick oranges(it didn’t work out so well for them but they weren’t beautiful R&B singers). Poker players say you “busted out” after putting all your chips on the line on one hand and losing. Pretty much you’ve got all your chips in and you’re hoping for all or nothing. So In the case of this trip and what I’ve read so far it seems pretty fitting….
    Good luck, All-In

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